Loving the Stories Written on Our Skin

I had to look. It was 3 days after my breast cancer surgery and it was time to take off the layers and layers of bandages. I told my husband not to gasp. I knew that I would have to love my body before surgery as well as after surgery. The bandages came off, and it was OK. I cried, but I kept looking at those scars over and over again; and I began to love them. My husband too. We quickly became so proud of those scars. They were my journey written on my skin. Those scars mean I found the lump now not five years from now. They mean my chances are good, and maybe even great.
I was so proud, I can even say that I love those scars. But not everyone feels that way. It broke my heart to hear other women talk about not wanting to see their scars, not wanting their husbands to see them, not loving the stories written on their skin.
And so this project was born. It is for the women who will come after me. As they sit in the waiting rooms of Breast Health Centers all across the United States and Canada, they should be able to see beautiful images of what their new bodies may look like. This project is for them, to help them see dignity and beauty in their future too.
– Kristina

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