An Unexpected Gift

I met Kristina for the first time in late fall through our mutual friend Tara. Along with being an inspiration on how to live with meaning, Tara penned the book ‘The Compression Garment Diaries. Breast Cancer, An Unexpected Gift’. Kristina and I hit it off immediately. i could see her vision, altered and adjusted though my artist eyes. We collaborated and allowed the project to evolve over several months. I had exhibition space booked for April, and knowing it would be a tight timeline for us to complete, we decided to run ahead and use this space for this body of work. So, for 2 weeks, i photographed 33 beautiful, strong women. My cosy, warm, studio with magical northern light was our workspace. I asked them questions. I listened to their stories. i cried. A lot. Many people, knowing my soft heart, warned me to put my guardrails up, so the project would not consume me emotionally. In reality, the opposite was absolutely necessary. How could I ask these woman to be vulnerable and bare all (literally) without also my own emotional investment? Each and every one of these women have touched me to my very core. What an absolute honour to be part of this.

Last night, midnight, we launched our Kickstarter Campaign. Our goal, to have these images produced into a photography book distributed free of charge to 300 Breast Health Centres across North America. Wow.

My wish for today: this project explodes. becomes bigger than us. larger than our vision. that every woman facing difficult decisions regarding their breast health feels enveloped in support. as they try to adjust to their ‘new normal’ they can reconcile what they see in the mirror, and maybe even find that image looking back at them beautiful.

the studio
the studio

Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing. Keep being beautiful.



Woman: Redefined – dignity, beauty, and breast cancerWomen on their breast cancer journeys deserve to see beautiful yet realistic images of what they may look like after surgery. Please help make this photo book a reality. The Kickstarter Campaign is up and running!! Our goal is to get a photo book to every Breast Health Centre across North America.

Posted by Woman: Redefined on Tuesday, March 31, 2015


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